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Unstable - Highland's Final Chapter - Part 3

If the walls of Highland could talk, what would they say? Would they tell you about the double life of Nurse Benjamin? Would they tell you about some of the things Jessie has seen and done while institutionalized at Highland? Or would they talk about the prestigious Dr. Mitchell and the monumental secrets she carries? Stephanie Harrison has had her share of problems…problems that have landed her in Highland for the rest of her life. In her latest incident, Stephanie is reeling from her decision to end the life of the person she loved the most. What is the likelihood she’ll be able to recover or will Millie keep her exactly where she wants her? Will circumstances give Stephanie the way out she’s been looking for? Highland has seen it all, and as the layers are slowly peeled back, things are not as they seem. As things come to a head, some patients and staff are pushed beyond their limits. Will anyone be left unscathed?

Unstable - Highland's Final Chapter - Part 3

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