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Unstable - She Was Not Supposed to Survive - Part 1

The day her womb was killed was the day a rage was birthed inside her that would seek revenge for her innocence stolen. On August 9th, the Stephanie that everyone knew and loved died in spirit. She was reborn a new creature. The pedophile did not realize that his dirty deed would later cause hell to be released on all those who crossed her path. She attempted to battle her inner demons and contain the rage, but she lost and the rage won. Stephanies violator was about to see the result of years of suppressed rage.

Unstable was created to tell the story of a little girl who went through an extremely dramatic experience, well beyond anything that I could ever imagine going through. The story describes what could happen when the psyche of a child is broken and the pain is buried within. Stephanie is the product of hate and a blatant disregard for human life.

Some details of this story are hard to swallow. Unfortunately, tragic and incomprehensible events like this happen all the time. Its reality. Its the truth.

Prepare yourself for Unstable.

Unstable - She Was Not Supposed to Survive - Part 1

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