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Open: Love, Lust & Sexuations

Keith and Benee Carter are seemingly a happily married couple. Unfortunately, they have come to their fork in the road. Keith believes that choosing the path to an open relationship, at least for one night, is the way to spice up their bland sexual relationship. Benee is against this idea from the start.


After a “conversation”, Keith and Benee agree to a one-night pass, meaning they are free to have a sexual tryst with anyone of their choosing. The ground rules have been set, and as long as everyone follows them, they should be fine. What no one foresees are the disastrous results that come from their sexual escapades.


Will Keith’s idea of a one-night stand be detrimental to their loving relationship? Will their marriage ever be the same? Be careful what you ask for…when deciding to be open.

Open: Love, Lust & Sexuations

$20.00 Regular Price
$17.00Sale Price
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