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Heading 6


Wishing you and  your family a blessed M

Eva Tremaine is a native of Queens, where she has lived a majority of her life. She graduated from the prestigious Townsend Harris High School with honors and then went on to obtain a degree in Computer Programming from Anthem Institute. Presently, Eva is a Program Manager for a major Healthcare Insurance Company focusing on Technology tools and initiatives. Eva sits on the board of BDPA, Black Data Processing Associates, an organization of professionals in or having an interest in the Computer Science and Information Technology fields. Eva is also the Founder and CEO of TREMAINE IT Solutions, a Software Consulting & Development Company.   When not working, she likes to spend her time reading, writing, and traveling. A former model, she traded in her runway shoes for a pen to pursue her true love of creating stories that readers will enjoy.


Eva is the self-published author of six novels: Open: Love, Lust & Sexuations, Unstable, Unstable II, Unstable III, Seven Again: Coming Full Circle, and Betrayal Served Cold. Open: Love, Lust & Sexuations introduces you to the Carters and their love triangle that got way out of hand. The Unstable trilogy is a psychological thriller that captures the transition of Stephanie from a little girl to a violent, unstable woman. The book speaks volumes of what can happen when the psyche of a child is broken and the pain is buried within. Seven Again: Coming Full Circle is co-written with Author Lubran Edwards and expresses the true definition of girlfriends. The story is a testament that if you have just a mustard seed of faith and a few BFFs, you can make it through any situation. Betrayal Served Cold is a story of secrets, lies, and deceit. The betrayal is so cold that it will surely chill you to the bone.

Eva Tremaine has many different sides to her and that versatility can be seen in her writing style. It is her hope that through the gift of literacy, she can make a lasting impression on her readers. 


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