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Unstable II: The Battle For Her Mind

Ari: Great Follow up to her first book - 5 stars!

I thought Unstable II was a very good book. I liked it a lot more than the author's first one, "Unstable: She was not supposed to survive." Not saying that I didn't enjoy the first book but it was just an excellent follow up in my opinion. It was good to see Stephanie, the main character, have a personality start to grow, develop and make friends. I was rooting for her to make a turnaround given the unbearable and harsh life she endured to become a newer and better person. Her environment is now a mental institution which seems proper and appropriate if you read Eva Tremaine's prequel to this book, but you'll learn from this story that these institutions are a far cry from what is required to properly rehabilitate people.

I'd say that's one of the main things I took away from this book. From prisons to mental institutions, how good of a job are these facilities actually doing in trying to rehabilitate and reform the critically sick? A lot of these environments seem to make people worst than they were initially and since they're in these environments the general reaction is to not care or think about them too much. They're left drugged up with no real form of help. Especially when they have no loved ones to look out for them.

The story also comes with some twists that threw me off but that just made the story more enjoyable to read. I don't know when the next book is coming out but I'm holding out to see what finally becomes of Stephanie and her future.

Sams: Eva Turns It Up! - 4 stars!

Eva Tremaine turns it up with the sequel, Unstable II. This was a roller coaster ride that was so twisted that it keeps you on the edge of your seat. It's an enjoyable ride that takes you through the internal battle a young woman faces when her demons are getting the best of her. It's a raw and gripping tale.

A. Clemens: Amazing Sequel - 5 stars!

You never know what a person been through and why the act the way they do, if you don't know their past. This is a must read to live through the mind of an abused child and see the effects of that tragedy acted out throughout her life.

A. Evans: A Battle to the End - 4 stars!

Eva Tremaine has done it again with "Unstable 2 The Battle For Her Mind". Stephanie is trying to get a hold on her life and Millie just wont let her go. While Stephanie is locked up in Highland Mental Hospital paying for her past crimes she realizes that Millie does not want her to get better. Millie continues to be in charge and she will not be silent. Her very own doctor Dr. Mitchell knows Stephanie's inner battle and she vows to help her. The question is will Millie rest and allow someone else to befriend Stephanie? Stephanie begins communicating with a fellow patient Jessie. Everyone thinks this is good progress for Stephanie. Everyone that is except for Millie. "Unstable pt. 2" takes you on a ride you wont forget.

Kyra: OMG - 5 stars!

Eva Tremaine hasdone it again. This book captured and held my attentionfrom the beginning to the end, just like the first one. Just when I thought I had Stephanie all figured out, she amazed me once again. Another page turner for sure!

Michele: Excellent read - 5 stars!

Good read if u like suspense, it would have you in alot of suspense. I read it in one day.

Annye: Outstanding! - 5 stars!

I enjoyed this book. The suspense of what was going to happen next. Poor Stephanie can't get it together. Can't wait to read what happens next!!

Harlem Girl: Crazy twisted thriller! - 5 stars!

Reading this book kept you in suspense wondering what's next on Stephanie mind. You don't want to be on her list!

Danielle: Edge of your seat thriller! - 5 stars!

Unstable II is an edge of your seat thriller that will have you holding on until the last page. If you think part one was HOT, it has nothing on part two. There are so many twists and turns and suspenseful parts in this book that I didn't want it to end. Hold on to your seats because you are definitely going for a ride.

Tawana: Captivating - 5 stars!

Unstable II is captivating from the very opening line. If you're ready for a thrill this is the book. The characters will draw you in and keep you guessing. This sequel has exceeded all expectations. A definite must read. If you haven't read Unstable I, you need to get both copies. You won't be disappointed!!

Ella: Great Thriller! - 5 stars!

Unstable II is a great thriller. Made the 7 hr flight feel so much shorter. Spoiler alert: No matter how much you think you figured Stephanie out, the ending will take you by surprise!

Jasmine: Shocking Twist - 5 stars!

Eva has done it again. I couldn't put the book down waiting to see what would happen next. It's clever and wicked with a shocking twist. Love it, Love it, Love it!!