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Unstable: She was not supposed to survive

Ari: Very Harsh Reality Brought to Light - 4 stars!

I was so caught off guard by the Prologue that I had to know how the main character completed her journey. I recommend this book to anyone who wants an experience outside of their comfort zone or just something different from the norm that they're used to. The story is very graphic but true to the type of things that happen all the time around us but go unnoticed. I particularly enjoyed the psychological journey the main character, Stephanie, took me on. It makes you ponder why the most sinister actions certain individuals take seem totally acceptable to them. The story serves as a reminder as to why we shouldn't initially react negatively to these kind of things but instead understand what drove an individual to that point. Another thing that intrigued me about the story were the similarities of individuals I know who've gone through situations, not nearly as extreme as Stephanie, but close enough, that exhibited a lot of the same habits and attributes. So Ms. Tremaine has done an excellent job presenting the mental anguish of the sexually abused. I definitely recommend Unstable and I'm looking forward to reading the sequel!

Kyra: Completely Captivated - 5 stars!

This book was definitely a page turner. I recommend Unstable to anyone who likes excitement and suspense. I was completely captivated from the very first page. Stephanie is a character you will never forget.

Chris: Page Turner!!! - 4 stars!

I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would given its brutal start. The writing style of Unstable is quick and accurate. It follows the evolution of a girl from victim to predator, offering compelling insights to the psyche of each. It's violent, suspenseful, engaging, sympathetic and humorous in turns, you'll read it in one sitting!

Jilly: Dark & Twisted - 4 stars!

If you like something dark, twisted and intriguing, Unstable is the book for you. A fast pace story of tragedy and the birth of something evil. Once you pick up the book, you'll want to know how it ends, who will survive and who won't. The author, Eva Tremaine has developed an extremely, memorable character in Stephanie. Despite her flaws, you always understand the source of her pain and anger. And like any good villain, you want to know what happens next. The ending is left open, which has me wondering about a sequel. Good one.

Cynthia: Really good story - 4 stars!

I liked the book for the simple fact that the main character was a very unlikely psycho. A young black girl who didn't deserve what happened to her. You just don't see things like that normally and I love that it's different. This can easily become a movie that I would most definitely watch, or at least an episode for a crime drama! The book was very well written and easy to read. There was no mystery because we knew who the killer was, but there was definitely A LOT of SUSPENSE because it kept me wanting to know just what Stephanie was going to do next and how it was all going to play out in the end. I have to say I didn't expect what happened to happen and it left me wanting more.

Bernie : Best Book of the Year for 2012 - 5 stars!

Hello to all my Amazon family. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to let you know about a wonderful new author who I had the pleasure of meeting on May 5, Ms. Eva Tremaine. I meet her on a bus ride to Foxwoods/Nordic lodge and I purchased her book called Unstable. Oh my god, I could not put the book down. I must have finished that book in three hours. The actions starts on page one. I was so caught up in the book I completely forgot about the bus ride. I did not even go into the casino not once even though I had every intention of winning some money. When I finally looked up, it was time to leave the casino and go eat. Please look her up on Facebook and check out the book. You won't be sorry and when you are finished reading the book, let me know how you liked it.

IV : Great Reading Experience - 5 stars!

Unstable was a great reading experience . There were so many different dynamics and relationships that tied perfectly together. Stephanie's story is believable and relates to everyone. I truly understand her. I am assured again that we all have our demons and struggles, but is how we deal with them that maps out our life. And, some people don't want to be good after being treated bad (to say the least in Stephanie's place). A great page turner. Love the questions and recipes on the back. Congratulations! I ask that everyone read this book!

Dany Mac : Loved it! - 5 stars!

I can't wait until the sequel. I loved the first book. I loved the fact that she didn't come off wounded then all of the sudden get healed. She was ruled by her demons, looking for sanity but her demons proceed her. Good story.

T. Stevens : Exceeded my expectations! - 5 stars!

I read this book after reading Seven Again. Wow it exceeded my expectations. I felt like I was a part of a Lifetime movie. I couldn't put the book down to see what would happen next. I wasn't mad to see justice served.

Aura Dey : WOW! - 5 stars!

Unstable - the title itself grips your attention with mystery, suspense and drama. From the title to the very last page, I was captivated. I read this book in two days. I have to admit after I finished this novel - I wanted more. To the author, Ms. Tremaine, "I can definitely see Unstable as a movie. What an excellent job."

Jasmine : Full of Suspense - 5 stars!

Unstable was a really great read. This book was crazy and full of suspense. I couldn't put the book down because I wanted to know what was going to happen next. The character was no joke….It was sad at times but yet very intriguing. A must read.

A. Hunter : Pyschological Thriller - 3 stars!

This story was an compelling tale of a young girl who is a victim of a harsh crime and how that victimization follows her throughout her life. It was a definite page turner. I was invested in the character despite her flaws. The author did an excellent job in researching the affects of physical and sexual abuse on a child at an early age. The characters have a depth and your are pulled in from the first page. Great Job!! I wonder if a sequel is in the works.

Jayne : FANTASTIC READING - 5 stars!

Thanks for bringing this story to paper. It was a page turner. I was on edge just waiting to see what Stephanie would do next. In hindsight, she was actually brilliant. The mind of Eva Tremaine as she penned this book had to be like whoa! I definitely would love to see a sequel. We al know she HAS to get out of that hospital sooner or later. I read the book in a day and read it to my husband that night. We both loved it 5 STARS!

Doreen : Off the Hook - Highly Recommended! - 5 stars!

Unstable is an easy quick read, and very interesting as it takes your mind to higher and deeper thoughts that most, would not consider going. Eva Tremaine showed her verstaility and creativity in this book, as the story lines takes you through twists and turns that you wouldn't dream of going. I read the book in a day, passed it to my daughter and she read it in a day as well. Unstable keeps you waiting for more, we can't wait until the sequel. As we know, Stephanie is not finished yet, her dad is next on the list! We can't wait until the next one!!!!!!

A. Evans : Page Turner - 5 stars!

Unstable" by Eva Tremaine is a fast paced page turner. "Stephaine" captures you and your heart goes out to her. You will find yourself quickly engulfed in Stephaine's life and looking foward to what happens next. You find yourself wondering if it is a good thing that she survived after all. Well done Eva Tremaine "Unstable" as a breakout novel, can't wait to see what you have coming out next. Alfred Hitchcock, Stephen King I believe we have a new PSYCHO.

Alecia: A Must Read - 4 stars!

Unstable is an easy read. From the first to the last page. Yes I have already recommended the book to someone. The story line is very good. It highlights the trauma a victim has to live with for the rest of their life with or without proper professional help. Great book especially coming from a first time author. Job Well Done.

Sheree: Unstable is right - 5 stars!

A must read for sure!!! It will have you entertained from start to finish, wondering whats going to happen next!! I will definitely be checking this author out! good job.

San: Modern Day Demon Seed - 5 stars!

I highly recommend the book. I read it in a day. A must read. I could not put the book down. I found myself actually cheering for someone that I knew was wrong in her actions but you fell in love with the character. The writer draws you in and you start to relate to her pain and her actions. This is a journey that you take and won't regret as you enter Stephanie's World.

Shaminah: Highly Recommended! - 5 stars!

When I first got the book, I said to myself I really don't have enough time to read it and I don't know when I will get the chance to. However, when I started reading, it was so good I could not put it down. I finished it in two days. It's a great read and I truly enjoyed it!

Bettyboop: Speechless - 5 stars!

The book unstable was great. I was into the book after reading the first chapter. After the ending, I was hoping it wouldn't end. I felt like I was connecting with the author Eva Tremaine because I would have done the same thing. I would highly recommend this book to you. The same way I fell in love with it, you will also. Eva Tremaine, you need to do a spend off to this book. I'm curious what will happen. Eva, great job and good luck on your book. I know you will have no problem selling this book. This book will have you thinking what will happen in the next chapter.

Shelly: Awesome Read!! - 5 stars!

The story really takes you there! It was very entertaining. I didn't want to put the book down! Eva Tremaine really captured Stephanie's emotions and you as the reader became locked into the story line....Bravo!!!

Diamond: Good!!! - 5 stars!

This book was absolutely amazing. The first page literally had me so intrigued I had to continue reading. It was a good book especially for a first time author.

Ellachka: Definitely Worth Reading - 5 stars!

It's hard to categorize Unstable to one genre. Is it psychological thriller? Or murder and mystery book? The author definitely touches all of them and more. Unstable is a dark tale of the innocent child who becomes a victim of brutal rape. The first night I opened the book, I had hard time putting it back. Unstable is unlike any other book I read before. I can't wait for it to come out as audio book read by author someday.

Harlemgirl126: Highly Recommended - stars!

This book is like none other. Once the book downloaded on my NOOK, I could not put my nook down. Like the other review said, I really dont know how to categorize this book. It's more of a mixture of of all genres. This book captures you. I Give ALOT Of Credit to the Author . . . . . YOU GO SISTAH !

Juanita Kelly: WOW! - 5 stars!

Finally read the excerpt from that novel that I have been trying to read. One word... WOW!!! If you love sitting on the edge of your seat holding your breath this story is for you!!! Unstable by Eva Tremaine. 5 stars!!!!!