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Seven Again: Coming Full Circle

Kyra: Real Women with Real Issues - 5 stars!

Seven Again is a great book for real women with real issues. This book definitely opened my eyes to the drama some woemn face every day. I learned a few things as a young lady.

Cynthia: Great Read and Chock Full O' Drama - 4 stars!

I really liked this book. I read it at home and on the long train rides to work. It's very well written and there's enough drama to make you evaluate your own life. I'm not a religious person but I do understand the message the author conveyed. That no matter what pitfalls and troubles you go through, if you have faith in God, he will help you get through it. I don't want to spoil it but these women are pure divas! And they are so very close that their relationships remind me of my old favorite TV show 'Girlfriends'. They go through some unimaginable stuff and it kept me wanting to read more to see what happened next. I will be looking out for more from these authors in the future.

Bernie: Great Reading - 5 stars!

I found Seven Again by Eva Tremaine and Lubran Edwards to be a very refreshing book. The book is about sister hood. It takes you through the life and trials of four best friends. It really hits home on a lot of situations that young women today find themselves in. I would highly recommend this book. You will not regret your purchase. I believe that any book that Ms. Tremaine writes will be a big hit because she is just that good. And since I am someone who has over 4,000 books in my own personal library I know that I can be a great judge when it comes down to books.

Danielle: Very Powerful - 5 stars!

Seven again is a suspenseful/emotional/whirlwind of events that kept me on my feet. At times the book made you cry and then turn around and have you saying damn this is every day life i would sure recommend this book to everyone to read. It shows you how to deal with everyday living and drama as well as seeing that there is more to life then what we believe. Go out and get your copy. I give it 5 stars!

Dany Mac: Completely Satisified - 4 stars!

Wow this book takes you through all the emotions one can feel. The story of these four friends was well told it had you crying, laughing and praying with them. I related with all of them in some way. This book did not only awaken your emotion it encouraged your spirit, renewed your faith in God as well as yourself to search for that stronger you. To except no less but the best of who you are and to bring out the best in those closest to you. Can't wait for the follow up.

A. Evans: Sister Friends - 3 stars!

Seven Again: Coming Full Circle" by Eva Tremaine & Lubran Edwards is a true testament of sisterfriends. As you are drawn into the lives of girlfriends Eva, Chole, Whitney, & Sabrina you are reminded of what it takes to be a friend. Eva, the materialistic, high fashion diva that seems to have it all together. Chloe, the looking for love in all the wrong places girlfriend. Whitney, the single mother and I am superwomen girlfriend. Lastly you meet Sabrina, the one who is seemingly more ground then the others, or is she? These ladies when faced with life's tragedies and unexpected life changes will find out what it means to have real sisterfriends by your side. You will at time's find yourself praying that these girlfriends have what it takes to withstand it all and come out strong and with friendships intact. This is a book for the Sisterhoods, Girlfriends and the Sisterfriends all over.

T.Sevens : MUST READ! - 5 stars!

Seven Again is a must read. The end left me craving more. The characters came to life as if they were my best friends. There is humor, drama, spirituality, adversities and most of all friendships and love. The right recipe for a heartfelt read. I was definitely impacted by the book and highly recommend it.

Ellachka : Friendships - 4 stars!

"Seven Again: Coming Full Circle" is a friendship story of four very different women. The book is a reminder to all of us that as long as you have your girlfriends around, you could survive anything that life throws your way. So pick up a phone, call your friend that you've been too busy for, or took for granted lately, and share this amazing book with her.

Jasmine : Amazing Characters- 5 stars!

Seven Again was a really great read. I give it a GIGANTIC 10 on a scale of 1-10 because it had real life circumstances and situations that we can all relate to. The book had amazing characters. I had the most connection to Whitney as a single mom. There are some twists and turns as well as cliffhangers. There is a part of the book that made me say, "Is he serious?" You have to read it to find out.