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If the walls of Highland could talk, what would they say? Would they tell you about the double life of Nurse Benjamin? Would they tell you about some of the things Jessie has seen and done while institutionalized at Highland? Or would they talk about the prestigious Dr. Mitchell and the monumental secrets she carries? Stephanie Harrison has had her share of problems…problems that have landed her in Highland for the rest of her life. In her latest incident, Stephanie is reeling from her decision to end the life of the person she loved the most. What is the likelihood she’ll be able to recover or will Millie keep her exactly where she wants her? Will circumstances give Stephanie the way out she’s been looking for? Highland has seen it all, and as the layers are slowly peeled back, things are not as they seem. As things come to a head, some patients and staff are pushed beyond their limits. Will anyone be left unscathed?

Betrayal Served Cold is a story of secrets, lies, and deceit that eventually catches up to everyone. From the outside, Gregory and Angela Washington seem to have it all: a lavish home, successful careers, and the prestige that most people seek. With all that they have, their desire to have children eludes them. A fact that Gregory and Angela are struggling to accept. Storm clouds are brewing for this power couple. Angela is fighting to hold on to the love of her husband as she mourns the devastating news that she will never have children. Gregory is still very much in love with his wife but he finds himself making choices that have dire consequences. Will their love be enough to sustain them? When the storm clears, who will be left standing? Betrayal Served Cold delivers a betrayal so cold, it will surely chill you to the bone!

Stephanie's innocence was stolen when she was brutalized and left for dead. Her survival sparked an untamed, mounting rage that resulted in the deaths of some who were close to her, or not so close. She was prosecuted and sentenced to Highland Mental Hospital for the criminally insane where the battle for her mind shifts into high gear. As the heartfelt Dr. Mitchell fights to pull Stephanie away from the darkness, Millie, the source of rage, holds on to her. Dr. Mitchell offers solace and light; Millie refuses to let anyone near the confines of Stephanie's mind. Who will win the battle? Will Stephanie die in confinement or will she overcome Millie's stronghold of her mind?

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Meet Eva the diva, Chloe the wild child, Whitney the vanilla sister of the group and Sabrina the stability that holds it all together. Mix these four women up and prepare yourself for some straight drama. Follow these women as they take you on a journey of life's ups and downs and sometimes sideways. Through life's trials and tribulations, they may temporarily lose their footing but in the end, they come full circle and return to their foundation, the church. They learn that having girlfriends like each other is a precious gift from God. Seven Again will make you laugh, cry, say 'Oh no he didn't' and praise God.

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The day her womb was killed was the day a rage was birthed inside her that would seek revenge for her innocence stolen. On August 9th, the Stephanie that everyone knew and loved died in spirit. She was reborn a new creature. The pedophile did not realize that his dirty deed would later cause hell to be released on all those who crossed her path. She attempted to battle her inner demons and contain the rage, but she lost and the rage won. Stephanie's violator was about to see the result of years of suppressed rage.

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